Friday, January 16, 2009

Some random thoughts about this blog.

Rather than email, I'll just post this to all "invitees" and whoever else might wander by. I purposefully spent no time whatsoever with "templates" or features or what have you. I don't want to get caught up in that stuff and off topic. If anyone else wants to play, go right ahead. If you know of anyone else you'd like to invite, go for it. I left comments open but kept the word verification, although I've noticed on a friend's blog that the porn bots somehow got past his, or they're paying humans to troll comments for spam these days. Sad either way. Anyway have at it.


I'd like to at least mention Flylady here. A friend mentioned her to me several years ago, speaking from his own (and his wife's) experience. I eventually searched her up on the internet, and I've been an off-again/on again follower ever since. I feel as if I have to give a disclaimer for those who know me in real life. I am cynical, and sarcastic, and don't even do the feigned surprise thing. Flylady is frilly and fluffy and cutesie and, by God, I believe 100% sincere in her self-avowed mission to give people the tools to help themselves out of cluttered lives. There is a lot of merchandise and several subscription offers to other services for sale on her site, but the actual site is free. She has "27-fling boogies" and "Purple Puddles" and floofy little pats on the back for people like me. I got past the saccharine stomachache and saw the psychology behind her methods, and she is really onto something.
Some examples: You didn't get this way overnight and you won't change that way either. Housework done "incorrectly" still blesses your family. You don't have to do it the way your mother did. Don't take out more than you can put back in an hour. You have to do it for yourself and let the rest of the family follow your example; if you resent them you're shooting yourself in the foot. And the two that I use the most: you can do anything for 15 minutes; just do it now! I'd advise anyone to check out her site at You can pick and choose like a smorgasbord, and adapt her ideas to work for you.


I didn't do the resolution thing, but I have made a little plan to clean at least one drawer or shelf every day, or spend 15 minutes in a cabinet or closet that will take more work. So far, so good. I started this over Christmas break, when I gutted my linen closet. How many extra sheets do we need, anyway? We only sleep on one at a time! So far, so good. I've done 5/7 desk drawers, decluttered the dish cupboard, and made real progress in our bathroom cabinet. That thing is huge and open, and has no side, so the shelves actually extend behind the wall all the way to the laundry chute. I suppose it would've made a cool secret panel thing at one time, but for us, it just means items roll back into the netherworld for months or years. We also acquired all of my mother-in-law's (a beautician, oy!) hair and makeup stuff. We discovered that she hoarded hotel soaps, etc. I do, too. I feel justified in this to an extent. These are the things we send with the kids to camp, or on the choir trip, etc. I use them for the same purpose. We have WAY more right now than we need, but I've tidied them into a huge bag, and will send the whole thing off to camp this year for the girls to share. The thrift store won't take them, and there isn't a women's shelter or crisis house close enough to donate these items. If anyone has a mission trip any time soon, let me know.


Another area where I'm making progress, but still struggling, is managing my time. I will tell you all about it later, because now I have to rush out the door to work!!!

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