Sunday, March 29, 2009


T-5 days until company. Of course, nothing got done until the last minute!! I need to fix this!! DId get a lot done yesterday, though...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easy does it

Didn't really feel like I got a lot done today, but I got out into the yard and started the firepit. We have lots of scrap from the bathroom project, so I burned that to enjoy while I puttered somewhat aimlessly about the yard. Though I had no real sense of purpose or direction, I cleaned up a lot of crap that was uncovered by the thaw, recycled quite a bit of stuff the plow pushed into the yard, and recovered some yard tools that were left out by the kids. I also did some trimming and lopping in the problem areas near the alley. If I can make this much progress every day, spring should look halfway decent around here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have six bedrooms in our home and four children. My kids have a sometimes-annoying habit of playing "musical bedrooms" with the extra one. One of them got a wild hair and decided to switch rooms today, but it actually works for me this time. We have company coming for 3 weeks in April from Germany, and the room she vacates will actually make a better guest room. In the moving process, we put together a huge giveaway box and dumped two bags of garbage. It's also going to give me a little freedom with moving some furniture around. Now that I am wireless, I plan to move my desk into the guest room.
I put a couple odd bits of furniture on freecycle today as well, so I feel like I made some good progress, after a few weeks of slacking.