Saturday, July 11, 2009

Progress is progress, no matter how small...

Now that I no longer work across the street from a thrift store, I am a little less aggressive about closet and drawer cleaning. I still do the seasonal rollover, but not so much in between. That is, until, the big red box came to my neighborhood. Lately I see these drop boxes for clothes and shoes everywhere. So, although they don't take household items, it has made it far more convenient for me to drop a few items at a time, rather than build a big load I have to haul somewhere. So far, we've gotten one garbage bag full and several grocery sized bags over to the drop box. In the meantime, I work on the "stuff" in the basement a box or two a a time. It goes very slowly, but it is better than getting overwhelmed and leaving a mess out. The addition of my MIL's stuff hasn't helped much, but we've actually gotten some treasures. Last week her boxes yielded some inflatable stuff for camping and the lake, and yesterday I found a nice drawer organizer in the salon stuff. I have more hair product than we will ever use, but thrift stores cannot take opened stuff. Maybe the nursing home or Freecycle (tm!) can. It's hair stuff, not like someone spit in it.
Today we have a deliciously unplanned Saturday, and I plan to get at a few more boxes before the lawn dries out and I absolutely HAVE to mow it!!! Is it weird that I'm almost as excited about this as going to the lake?

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