Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old...

So far over Christmas break: 6 boxes donated to the thrift store. One of those I even managed to pick up, peek inside, and NOT rummage through to salvage anything. I tease the thrift shop manager, an old business acquaintance, that I try to leave the store with less than I brought. I've been practically angelic on that front lately, but I did acquire three "portable closet" units from my Grandma's basement. Those are earmarked for the dress-up clothes and costume items, although I may offer to the closetless kids first.
We're on a cleaning binge for the NYE party tonight. It's actually not so bad this time around; we've been doing a better job of normal, day-to-day maintenance and it shows. I did tackle a couple of side projects, like cleaning out the storage container drawer and a couple cupboards. I've also gutted my catch-all mud room. When we moved in here, we gushed over the rustic built-ins that would afford us so much storage, then proceeded to block them with various unused appliances and other obstacles so we couldn't use them. A bit of rearranging to block an unused door, and the cabinets now house all the small appliances, gadgets, and auxiliary cookware. I always feel compelled to hang a curtain so people can't look in from the kitchen; now it might be nice to have one for decor, but I don't need to hide anything.
One thing that baffles me is how filthy my open wooden staircase gets, even with (nearly) daily sweeping and dusting. Any hints?

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