Monday, June 14, 2010

Best laid plans

Summer break is finally here, and the exchange students were sent home in a last-minute frenzy of friends, family and parties. When I finally got a few moments of peace and quiet, I sat down and drew up a to-do list for the summer, based firmly in the fantasy that I will be productive this summer. In my own defense, I made a concerted effort to break the jobs into bite size, going back to my efforts last summer of doing just one drawer, one shelf or one cabinet at a shot. Like many of may hair-brained schemes, that worked well as long as I kept up with it. Still working on that last bit. I have taken a small load to the thrift store already, and today Thing 2 and I went through the china cabinet and dish cupboards, purging and packing up boxes for she and her elder sister to take when they set up housekeeping in a couple years (A couple? No way. They're still babies. Right?) Another thrift store load is underway, and I'm not yet one full week into summer. Here's hoping...

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